Patent and Trademark Resource Center

The Smithtown Library is an officially-designated Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC), part of a nationwide library network maintained by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). PTRCs disseminate patent and trademark information and support the public's diverse intellectual property needs. Smithtown Library staff are not able to conduct patent searches and cannot provide legal advice. The Library's staff can, however, assist patrons in performing their own patent searches and with finding and using other research materials.

As a PTRC, The Smithtown Library offers:
 • Free access to patent and trademark documents in various formats.

• Access to the PubWEST database for patent searching.

• Access to the PubEAST database for patent searching. 

• Access to Plant Patents in hardcopy format. 

• Resources for historical patent research.

• Patent searching guides and other reference materials on intellectual property.

• USPTO-trained staff.

PTRC resources are located in the Smithtown Main Building only. An appointment is recommended. Call the Reference Department at (631) 360-2480 x128 to make an appointment.
Just getting started with patents?
Here are some useful websites, videos, and tools:

General Information Concerning Patents this guide from the USPTO explains what a patent is and how to get one.

Conducting a Patent Search a 50-minute presentation from the USPTO, explaining how to conduct a patent search and why it is important to be thorough. [Flash is required.]

Here's a shortcut to the USPTO's search page, where you can search patents from 1790-present and published applications from 2001-present. Google Patents can be another place to start.
Looking for an attorney? Click here to search for attorneys and patent agents who are registered to practice before the United States Patent Office.
Just getting started with trademarks?
Basic Facts About Trademarks this guide from the USPTO explains what a trademark is and how to get one.

Trademark Information Network the USPTO has created a series of newscast-style videos to help you understand trademarks. Check them out!

Overview of Trademark Law this overview from the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University included links to United States Codes as well as case studies.
International Patent Protection links to information at the USPTO site about the Patent Cooperation Treaty, Common Application Format, and more.

Espacenet, search patent documents worldwide from over 72 countries and regions.

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Intellectual Property Digital Library, search international trademark registrations (Madrid system), international patent applications (PCT), and other databases; access guides, standards, laws, regulations, fees, statistics, FAQs, links, and more.

Past Events :

Inventing Secrets Revealed
Multi-time inventor, patent holder and author of "Inventing Secrets Revealed" discusses the challenges of moving forward with your invention. 
7 Step
7 Step Federal Trademark Search Strategy 
Trademarks are the words, symbols, phrases or designs that identify and distinguish your business. Learn how to protect your business’ trademark when representatives from the US Patent and Trademark Office demonstrate their strategy for searching the USPTO’s trademark database. Businesses and individuals new to trademarks will also discover the benefits of registering a mark. The Smithtown Library is a designated Patent and Trademark Resource Center. 
7 Step U.S. Patent Search Strategy 
Representatives from the US Patent and Trademark Office will demonstrate the step-by-step process for conducting a preliminary patent search. A patent for an invention is a grant of a property right allowing patent holders to exclude others from making, using, selling or importing their invention. All inventors, tinkerers, entrepreneurs, business owners and students welcome. The Smithtown Library is a designated Patent and Trademark Resource Center.

Denton Ave School 1 2016 2nd Grade 1    
PTRC visit to the Denton Ave School in New Hyde Park. 
PTRC Librarian William Salas visits with 2nd graders at the Denton Ave School in New Hyde Park, NY. Mr. Salas discussed patents, trademarks and the importance of intellectual property with the students. The children also shared their knowledge of inventions answering correctly that Abraham Lincoln is the only U.S. President to have received a patent, Patent #6949. Click here to view the presentation
 Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club of Suffolk County 
The Smithtown Libary hosted the Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club of Suffolk County's October meeting on Tuesday, October 20 at the Smithtown Main Building. Speakers included IESuffolk president and multi-time inventor Brian Fried, Patent and Trademark Resource Center Librarian William Salas and Matt DeSanto of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Long time IESuffolk members and new comers alike were treated to enlightening discussions regarding intellectual property basics, best practices for new inventors and the availability of resources at The Smithtown Libray and beyond. Click here to view Matt DeSanto's presentation. Click here to view Mr. DeSanto's presentation.
 IE Suffolk 10 2015.jpg  IE Suffolk 10 2015 Crowd Shot