3D Printing

The Library is happy to offer patrons the ability to submit projects to be printed on the Library’s 3D printers. The 3D Printer can create a physical object based on a design supplied as a digital file. These can be designs you’ve created yourself, or designs you’ve obtained from another source and have permission to use.

Patrons can use the form below to submit a request to have a project printed on the Library’s 3D printer. Once you submit the form, a library staff member will contact you to arrange for you to send us the design file for the project you’d like to print. Once it is determined that the project to be printed does not violate the Library’s 3D Printing Policy, your project will go into the queue to be printed. Once it is completed, a staff member will let you know what Library building it is available to be picked up at. Staff will not remove supports before pick up.

What file formats can be used with the 3D printer?
The printer can create objects based on designs in the following formats:
Wavefront obj (.obj)
ACSII stl (.stl)
Binary stl (.stl)
How large can the project be?
The printer has a maximum build volume of
210 L x 210 W x 250 H mm
(8.3 L x 8.3 W x 9.84 H in)
Please note that larger print jobs will take longer and will be more expensive to print.
Where can I find designs to print if I do not create one myself?
You can go to www.thingiverse.com. It is a 3D design sharing site that allows you to download and print 3D designs.
What is the cost to have a project printed?
The charge is $0.25 per 15 minutes of print time. Objects can only be paid for by cash or check (made out to: Friends of The Smithtown Library). When possible, please bring exact change when paying in cash. Patrons who do not pick up their finished projects within 30 days will have the cost billed to their library record. If this is your first time making a 3d print request, we recommend starting with a small job so you can review the print quality before requesting additional prints.
What material is being used to print my design?
Polylactic acid (PLA) is a biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources. For safety information about the material, please click here.
What if I want a specific color filament?
If you'd like to request a specific color (i.e. light blue, dark red, teal), please make a note in the project description field. Based on current stock, staff will try to accommodate requests, but cannot guarantee perfect color matches or ensure availability of colors from previous prints.
What are supports?
Supports are structural layers added to a 3D print to ensure printability. Similar to scaffolding, they are only used during printing to complete an object and are later removed. Not all prints need supports; staff will notify you if your request requires them. It is the patron's responsibility to remove any supports. For more information about supports and how to remove them, click here to view the LearnLab's Niche Academy training module.

3D Printer Project Request Form

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