Friends of The Smithtown Library Museum Pass Program

The Library has passes for the following museums:

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All passes are made possible by a generous donation from the Friends of The Smithtown Library. For more information about the Friends and to join, click here.


Museum Pass Procedure

1. The Library circulates passes to area museums. Based on pass availability, reservations may be made online by following the Museum Pass links on the Library's webpage, by calling (631) 360-2480 ext.140 or in-person at the Smithtown Building’s Children’s Reference Desk. The patron reserving the pass must check out the pass using their own card in person.
2. Museum Passes are available for checkout to Smithtown Library adult cardholders in good standing.
3. All reservations are made for the actual date of the intended visit. Passes are available for checkout after 3:00pm on the day before the scheduled use day (or the last day the Library is open before the scheduled use day). Passes are due back before 3:00pm the day after the scheduled use day (or the next day the Library is open). Each museum reserves the right to determine the rules and regulations governing usage.
4. Passes may not be returned in the outside book drop, but must be returned to the Children’s Department at the Smithtown Building.
5. Patrons should call the museum directly or check their website for up-to-date information regarding hours of operation, special events, parking, and/or directions.
6. If you are unable to borrow the pass cancel your reservation by calling the Children’s Department at the Smithtown Building - (631) 360-2480 ext. 140. If you decide not to use a museum pass you have reserved, you must call to cancel the reservation. Failure to cancel a reserved museum pass will result in flagging your account as a “No Show” and will impact your future museum pass borrowing privileges.
7. The Library reserves the right to review and amend these guidelines as needed.


By clicking the check mark below, I attest that I am 18 years of age and I agree to the following statements:
I have read the rules for borrowing a Smithtown Library Museum Pass and understand the rules stated above.
I accept full responsibility and liability for the cost of replacing this Museum Pass if it is lost or stolen while checked out in my name.



For more information call the Children's Department of the Smithtown Building (631) 360-2480 ext. 140.