Loan Periods and Material Limits

Loan Periods
New Fiction (under 300 pages), Magazines, DVDs/Blu-ray, Test Books, Auto Repair Manuals   7 days
New Fiction (over 300 pages),New Non-Fiction, New Large Print, DVD/Blu-ray TV Series, CDs, Mobile Hotspots    14 days
Storytime Kits   21 days
Audiobooks, Children's material and most other material    28 days

Material Limits
Fiction    Unlimited
Non-Fiction 4 per subject
Magazines 4 per titles; 10 in total
DVDs/Blu-Rays 7
CDs 7

We recommend that, whenever possible, you return materials in person. However, the Smithtown Building, Commack and Kings Park Buildings each have book drops that are accessible 24 hours a day. The book drop at the Nesconset Building is accessible at all times except those overnight hours when adjacent Toner Park is closed to the public.