Extended Use Fees

An extended use fee may range from ten cents to ten dollars depending on the overdue item. Extended use fees never exceed one-half the cost of the item. A schedule of these fees appears below.

Any extended use fees for items past their due date will be applied to your circulation record. There will be no extended use fee for a closed holiday if the item is returned the first day the library reopens.

You will be alerted at the Circulation Desk if you have overdue items and/or unpaid extended use fees. Borrowing privileges will be suspended when a bill has been sent for overdue materials or more than $5.00 is owed to the library.

Type of Material Per Day Per Item Maximum Per Item
Books $ .10 $ 5.00
Test Books $ .10 $10.00
Magazines $ .10 $ 3.00
Audiobooks, CDs $ .10 $ 5.00
DVDs/Blu-Rays $1.00 $10.00
Mobile Hotspots $1.00 $10.00

*The Library will only accept $20 bills or less when collecting payment for overdue fines.