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Examples- DCP 1
Examples- DCP 2
Mailers from local (left) and federal (right) government officials describing various safety precautions to take in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, March 2020
While you may not realize it, you likely come across items related to the coronavirus pandemic every day. As part of this project the Long Island Room hopes to collect those types of materials, including, but not limited to the following.
• Various types of mailers (i.e. postcards, newsletters, leaflets, etc.) from local organizations, companies, or elected officials.
• Flyers and/ or pamphlets from hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other types of healthcare providers.
• Personal correspondence (i.e. emails, letters, etc. from friends and family).
• Newspapers and magazines.
• Signage and artwork (i.e. signs from local businesses related to coronavirus closures, signs or artwork with words of gratitude for essential workers or words of encouragement for the community, etc.).
• Other unique items related to the Smithtown community’s/ Long Island’s response (i.e. items from local restaurants, businesses, schools, houses of worship, first responders—fire departments, police departments, EMTs, items related to celebratory car parades or other means of staying connected while remaining socially distant, etc.). 
Discarded Birthday Parade Banner Cropped
Portion of a discarded "Happy Birthday" banner found in St. James near Mills Pond Elementary School, likely from a birthday car parade, May 2020