grolier ama  Amazing Animals of the World
Inside the Library     Outside the Library
Grolier: For elementary and middle school students, Amazing Animals of the World introduces young researchers to the nearly 1,200 incredible creatures with whom they share the earth. 

grolier atb   America the Beautiful
Inside the Library     Outside the Library
Grolier: A comprehensive database about the states and territories of the U.S. designed to meet the needs of all grade levels. It is highly visual, fact-filled, interest-driven, and user-friendly. (Live-brary.com)

credo    Credo Reference
Inside the Library    Outside the Library
Credo: Credo Reference, formerly XRefer, is a digital reference library that places a world of factual information at your fingertips. Containing a selection from 240 high-quality reference books from the world's leading publishers, Credo Reference is the ideal place to start any research. (Live-brary.com)

grolier ea   Encyclopedia Americana
Inside the Library    Outside the Library
Grolier: This database helps middle- to upper-grade students find a wealth of information to assist with homework and research projects. (Live-brary.com)

grw   Global Road Warrior
Inside the Library     Outside the Library
Find information for the business traveler including country information, business etiquette, travel essentials, telecommunications, and money and banking. A comprehensive business travel, telecommunications and business culture reference source available in a highly organized and consistent format.  (Live-brary.com)

grolier gme   Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
Grolier: Packed with the sights and sounds that make learning fun, this encyclopedia is appropriate for younger students. (Live-brary.com)

grolier online kids   Grolier Online Kids
Inside the Library    Outside the Library
Grolier: A kid friendly place to search the Encyclopedia of Americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, New Book of Knowledge, and America the Beautiful, as well as, magazines and web sites. (Live-brary.com)

grolier go   Grolier Online
Inside the Library    Outside the Library
Grolier: For older students and adults - searches four encyclopedias at once; the Encyclopedia Americana, Multimedia Encyclopedia, New Book of Knowledge and America the Beautiful. (Live-brary.com)

grolier lp   Lands and Peoples
Inside the Library    Outside the Library
Grolier: Provides information on cultures, geography, languages, and news and history of every independent country and continent in the world with maps, flags, photos, and Web links. (Live-brary.com)

grolier nec  
La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre
Grolier: Spanish resource. Timelines, atlases, maps, Spanish language lessons, and much more - all in Spanish.
Estupendos recursos en Español. Continuidad cronologica, atlas, mapas, lecciónes in Español y mucho más - todo en Español. (Live-brary.com)

grolier nbk   New Book of Knowledge
Inside the Library     Outside the Library
Grolier: A classroom resource for both current events and in-depth information. All the resources of the print version of The New Book of Knowledge—its informative articles, maps and illustrations, facts and figures, Wonder Questions, and projects and activities—are here at your fingertips. Articles are written in a clear, lively style that encourages young students to read. Thousands of photos, maps, flags, and artwork accompany the encyclopedia articles. All political maps contain hot-spotted links to articles and other related maps. Plus, The New Book of Knowledge Online includes a feature created just for online users: NBK News—weekly current events stories plus special features geared especially for young students. (Live-brary.com)

grolier nbps   New Book of Popular Science
Inside the Library   Outside the Library
Grolier: Contains hundreds of articles in the print version plus science games, puzzles, and brain teasers. Top-of-the-news science stories are updated weekly. (Live-brary.com)