Monthly Virtual Art Exhibit

May 2021
Artist: Robert Bloom
Falling in Love with Long Island
Artist Biography and Statement
(updated April 9, 2021)
In addition to being a published author and composer (Theme Song, 1984 International Games for The Disabled), Robert T. Bloom is a published Photographic Artist concentrating primarily on scenic Long Island landscapes and seascapes. “Photographic Art” is a hybrid art form which combines photography and computer facilitated painting. By applying a creative editing process, Robert’s digital photo images are transformed into artistic works that resemble paintings. Because his images are extensively edited, the end result represents what the artist envisions, rather than what is recorded by the camera lens (i.e. the world as it could be versus the world as it is). After years of research, exploration and photographing Long Island’s scenery, Robert has produced a comprehensive body of artwork which captures the charm and elegance of the Island’s photo-worthy sites. His objective is to share his appreciation of Long Island with his viewing public. His artwork has been accepted for 147 solo artist exhibits at numerous Long Island venues including universities, libraries, book stores, regional shopping centers, bank branches, restaurants, government offices, adult homes and community centers throughout Long Island. In addition, Robert, a lifelong resident of Long Island, has served as a judge in juried art competitions and maintains an internet art gallery.
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