Mission Statement

“The Smithtown Special Library District is dedicated to providing access to diverse information, lifelong learning and entertainment resources through outstanding service for all residents of the Library District via multiple facilities consisting of four library buildings located in Smithtown, Commack, Kings Park & Nesconset.”

The Board of Trustees of the Smithtown Special Library District believes that it is under mandate by the community to promote knowledge, understanding, and wisdom by making available to the community it is chartered to serve the best possible resources, personnel, and facilities requisite for modern library services.

The Board believes that these ideals of public service can best be accomplished by the imaginative and creative implementation of a policy directed toward procurement of:

FIRST, a wide, systematically organized, and readily available collection of expertly selected books and other appropriate materials which will provide accurate information, discussion of significant ideas, and inspiration of literary art for all citizens;

SECOND, a library staff dedicated to the ideals of the library profession and its service to the public, professionally trained, efficient, progressive, and capable of providing the best possible collection of books, other materials and accurate record thereof, as well as expert guidance and assistance in their use; and,

THIRD, adequate facilities for the housing, processing, circulation, and use of this collection – facilities which will be sufficiently spacious and modified as necessary, efficiently and totally utilized, and attractive both to the public and to the staff.

The Board recognizes the necessity of the integration of the public library into the total community structure and of its generous cooperation with other agencies and organizations working for the public welfare.

Finally, the Board affirms the importance of the preservation of the highest ethical standards in all relationships between the Board and the Library administration, between the administration and the staff, among staff members themselves, and, above all, between any of the aforementioned and the public.

Policy 200-10
Adopted 7-21-98
Revised 11-17-09
Revised 12-16-14