Library Board Meeting Schedule

A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Smithtown Special Library District will be held on the dates shown below. Pursuant to Section 103 of the Open Meetings Law, these meetings are open to the general public. All dates subject to change.
 Date  Time  Place  Type
 January 9, 2018  1:45pm  Nesconset Building           Organizational Meeting & Special Meeting *This meeting was rescheduled due to weather.
 January 16, 2018  6:30pm  Smithtown Building  Regular Meeting
 February 20, 2018  6:30pm  Nesconset Building  Regular Meeting
March 20, 2018
 6:30pm  Commack Building  Regular Meeting
 April 17, 2018  6:30pm  Kings Park Building  Regular Meeting 
 May 22, 2018  6:30pm  Nesconset Building
 Regular Meeting *Please note the change in date and location.
 June 19, 2018  6:30pm  Nesconset Building  Regular Meeting
 July 17, 2018  6:30pm  Commack Building  Regular Meeting
 July 26, 2018  6:30pm  Kings Park Builing  Work Session
 August 21, 2018
 6:30pm  Kings Park Building
 Regular Meeting
 September 6, 2018  9:30am  Nesconset Building  Budget Hearing Meeting & Special Meeting
 September 27, 2018  6:00pm  Smithtown Building
 Regular Meeting *Please note the change in date & time.
 October 23, 2018  6:30pm  Nesconset Building  Regular Meeting
 November 20, 2018  6:30pm  Commack Building  Regular Meeting
 December 18, 2018  6:30pm  Kings Park Building  Regular Meeting